Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Friday Evening Curmudgeon, March 13, 1953

Copyright 2009 by Stuart J. Koblentz, all rights reserved.
A boy never does plan about growing old and grizzled, sometimes it just happens when life serves you up something that you have to choke down, then its you against everyone else.  Maybe its because a woman turned you down, or maybe its because she took you up on it.  And then there are the women who decide to leave and steal your heart, pack it up their bags and leave for a better life in some far off hoity toity place like Fresno, or Hawhy-ah.

Before you know it, you're as tattered as the coverings over the kitchen winder.  You let things go to seed - a bowl of bread and milk is better then bread and water when the world around you starts to change just as you were getting used to the way things were.  Well, this here magazine understands its readers, even if it tells you to take a bath every once and while, and maybe call that daughter of yours that went out and married herself one of those chosen people.  Now git on out of here before I give you what for... miserable kids...

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