Monday, November 30, 2009

Satyress (United Kingdom Edition), December 1788

Copyright 2009 Stuart J. Koblentz
Satyress was the first really popular magazine to delve into the pysche of a woman's sexuality in the Georgeian Era.  Founded in 1599 in France, the monthly was an immediate success in its native country.  The magazine originally launch in England in 1618, however its publisher, Pilgrim Press, really underestimated the collective power of British scorn and were forced from the nation.  Vowing to return, they did so in 1765 and finding the political climate much better, they started the whole shebang back up again, this time to much pomp and circumstance.   A sad note: noted French Chemist and cover boy Antoine Lavoisier (above with his wife) would soon be one of the victims of the French Revolution because lovemaking that was "Magnifique" was prohibited under Revolutionary Laws as being a tacic of the First Estate to lull the people into comforts also prohibited under French Revolutionary Courts.

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  1. with all that clothing, how could any woman get "within" anything?