Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lethal Homes & Gardens, 1955

Lethal Homes & Gardens found it core audience among women who know what they want, and the men who want them.  Each issue was jammed packed with all sorts of useful knowledge - everything from how to pick a lock on a home safe to the joys of self indulgence.  The magazines motto was "Take No Shit; Take No Prisoners. But Be Kind About It."

Monday, March 15, 2010

British Colonial Traveller, 1889

Like ENNUI, British Colonial Traveller (with two "L's" - it was a copyright issue as not to confuse people with British Traveler, the newsweekly) was designed to help people of the Empire plan their travels abraod.  However unlike ENNUI - which focused on the leasure class, British Colonial Traveller focused on the more rambunctious parts of the empire and safari's and the like.  While mortal peril was a constant for the highly civilized Englishman and his brethern, Traveller tried to bridge the cultural gaps that would otherwise leave a gentleman at a loss on where to get high tea in Rangoon, a proper Prostitute in Tibet or a decent meal in Dublin, Ireland. Should any of these instances present itself and language a barrier existed (Ireland, for example), the periodical provided helpful phrases such as "DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION?" and "DOES YOUR LOT WASH AFTER USING THE LOO?"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Homewreckers, July 1947

The Second Wife's Monthly published its first issue in July 1920.  The periodical devoted itself to helping the "woman with dreams and aspirations to become a lady by the time she was 30 years old."  During the depression, when situations became more dire, it changed its name to simply HOMEWRECKERS to save precious money spent on ink, and changed its tag line to "If you can have a happy home, break one up."

Popular with bar maids, secretaries, housekeepers and exotic dancers, the magazine had many popular features, including "What would you do?" its monthly help column and tips on custom lingeries that offered tips on how to save money by making crotchless panties at home, and the like.

HOMEWRECKERS Magazine published its final issue in 1975.  By then everyone was swinging and taking on multiple sex partners, and the decrease in Burlesque houses had cut so significantly into its circulation that the magazine was someone redundent.  Said its last publisher Lew D' Trude "We may have given generations of broads tips on anal sex, but we never lost our class."

Friday, March 5, 2010

Careergals, June 1964

Careergals was the magazine for careergals - that special group of women that refused to find fulfillment in being a normal woman and housewife.  Each different edition of Careergals came jam packed with things that businessladies needed to know as they climbed the stepstool of success in the 1960s. 

The magazine finally folded in 1972 as more woman became offended by men referring to them as "gals" and "broads". 

Said its finally editor, J. Stanley Marchmont to his 60 employees and its token female writer: "When women start dictating to us what we men think Careergals Magazine should be, then its time for us to shut this chick magazine down."