Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Night is Half Gone, 1925

The Night is Half Gone, A Fortnightly Journal of the Cresent City was a popular periodical found in all proper homes.  As popular as it was, the magazine during its life was unable to educate people on the differences between a Beignet and Ben-Wa Dancing Eggs.   Upon the death of magazines, the periodical made the jump to web as a blog reaching an audience of romantics with fabulous taste and beefy desires.


  1. love love love love LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you!

    My ass needs a bit more photoshopping however....never enough.

  2. There is nothing wrong with your sweet tush just as it is. SWAK

  3. Andrei Reubenescue from NPR has some biting commentary for this cover.

  4. I for one think that Andrei could get away with just a few more obscure metaphores and a cliche or two more than he uses; when cloaked in his thick Romanian accent, that covers everthing he reads like the muck that coats ducks and other waterfowl whenever a tanker runs aground somewhere near Alaska, it makes everything seem more ppoetic - more dense.