Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GIRL!, February 1966

What can you say about a magazine that encouraged its readership to dot their "i"s with happy faces?  The magazine that first explored the essence of "etc." as a decorating element when committed to art?  Or a magazine that encouraged its readership not just to love pink, but to become the color itself?  Or even a peridoical that taught females how to communicate with one and other by using the greeting "Hey, Lady!" in tones so high that only dogs could hear it?  That, my friends was the brilliance of GIRL! magazine.


  1. why didn't you use your subscription label?

  2. ㉁㈯㉳ ㉢ ㈵ ㉃ ㊤ ㊡ ㋝ ㋽ ㋽ ㋸...and i mean it!

    wv: sultrel- for the look you always wanted, but knew you couldn't have.

  3. Oh, I'm so unhappy that they didn't use the happy face i in the name of the magazine...