Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today's Pilgrim, November 1621

Always popular, Today's Pilgrim was a mainstay in the homes of those searching for religious freedom for over one-hundred years.  Althpugh home subscriptions seldom proved popular - most issues arrived a year out of date, the magazine's most popular feature was it's Seek and Find, because that was what most pilgrim's do.  Another must read feature was the Column "Dearest Purdence" in which advice was dispensed:

Dearest Prudence, I take pen in hand to tell thou that thee and thy family abode is overrun with red savages.  Will thy testest what thy can do to rid ourselves of these men?  Just sign thou "Brad"

Dearest Brad, While it presents certain dangers, thy could expose the savage to the small pox, provided they have have it before hand. Tis extreme, but works. Glory to God all mighty, Prudy


  1. Coincidentally, I'm in the market for new stocks, pillories and thumbscrews.

  2. Why do we always have to pay more in the colonies?