Saturday, December 3, 2016

Claudine Longet Mystery, No. 14, 1970

Not a magazine, but a book series that helped to shoot Claudine Longet to the top of the teen girl mystery phase.  Each book - about four per year - showcased the French singer as she toured towns around the world, and the intrigue that enveloped her.  "I never go looking for trouble, trouble seeks me, calls my name and demands my attention."  The series, penned by the equally mysterious Wilhelmina Andrews, who never gave live interviews, was a good seller until Longet's decision to leave the life of fame and take up skiing and a more quiet lifestyle.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Modern Step Mother, August 1958

Known for its frank discussions on the sacrifices of sending ones beloved step children to the best boarding schools, and being a rock for ones husband in not flying them home for the holidays ("Charlton, now what kind of holiday will they have if they have to spend 13 hours on a jet each way?  And think of the good you'll be undoing by throwing them into an English speaking holiday - they'll lose all their proficiency in French!"), each issue of Modern Step Mother was filled with handy tips for keeping the hubby happy and his ex wife at bay.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Windsuiting, February 2003

Windsuiting was, and still is, the monthly magazine for women who have embraced the windsuit lifestyle.  Their legion's grow, because at some point all middle class Mom's whose only goal was to take care of the husband and the kids want to give up the drudgery of looking their best for the allure of wash and wear weatherproof nylon suits matched with turtlenecks.  Who could possibly resist?