Friday, January 8, 2010

Bee's Knees, March 13, 1923

Copyright 2009 Stuart J. Koblentz
Good Golly, the folks at home just thought that the Bee's Knees (the word "the" was never capitalized) was just about the snappiest rag in its day!  Filled with all sorts of good gumbo and if it was in the Knees then it had to be so!


  1. and an updated version might be called, "the Bee's Knees Replacement"...since most original readers would surely need new knees by now.

  2. I like it!

    But I just found out that one of dear friends - who is younger than I is getting her knee replaced! I told her to make sure her husband is prepared for the toilet booster seat expirience. Yuck!

  3. high seats can be good. think edith ann.