Monday, October 26, 2009

Men's Collars Weekly, July 24, 1824

Copyright 2009 Stuart Koblentz

Specialty publications have always found an audience with those who follow the subjects.  Until the 1930s, men purchased collarless shirts and then purchased collars to suit the fashion of the day.  But in the 1820s collars on shirts reached absurd heights making it next to impossible for a lady (or anything else for that matter) to turn a man's head lest he sufficate in the high collar of his shirt, or slice his nose off along the thickly starched edge of his collar.  Thankfully, someone bright person got the idea that one could have the collar and the shirt together in one garment.  Although it should be noted that fashion is fickle, and all things tend to come back into vogue at some point in time.

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