Monday, October 12, 2009

Trailer Park Majesty, April 1971

© 2009 Stuart Koblentz – Original art work that may not be used with the express written consent of its creator.

Trailer Park Majesty was the type of magazine that the residents of the nation's mobile home parks loved to hate, but couldn't stop reading.  Like the Amish based "Budget", Trailer Park Majesty was the "Tattler of the Trailer Park."  Of course the magazine had legitimate roots.  Founded in 1930 by Earl Woolumsey, Trailer Park Majesty aspired to ennoble the lives of those who either exchanged their homes for carefree life of a manufactured home, or those who lived in "tin cans" because it, and the magazine were all they could afford.  But hey, like the sign says, "Mobile Home Living is Luxurious."


  1. what, are airstreams too hoity-toity?

  2. I have been to Bad Axe, Michigan - TWICE!!!!!