Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Journal of British Orthodontics, October 1915

Copyright 2009 Stuart J Koblentz
The Journal of British Orthodontics was not a scholarly magazine per se, but it was written so that patients had something to read in the waiting room other than the children's bibles that salesmen drop off just in case someone needs to have the words to Nearer My God to Thee before seeing the Orthodontist.   Each issue was filled with good cheer and matters pertaining to good teeth and gums.  The November 1915 issue featured Music Hall Iicon Marie Lloyd who was a spokes person for straight teeth, her's being unsnaggled by an "Ortho" in Glasglow over a period of several years.  Yes, she still had a horrific overbite, but her teeth were straight, by God!

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