Thursday, November 5, 2009

The White Anglo Saxon Protestant Monthly rePRESS, 1890

Copyright 2009, Stuart J. Koblentz

While they are loathe to admit it, the American WASP is an endangered species.  At their peak in the 1950s, several million of the hearty people known for the control of their emotions lived across the nation.  The November 1890 issue of The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant rePRESS was noteworthy for its feature on the iconic Borden Family of peaceful Fall River, Massachusetts.  The highlight of the time spent with the Bordon's the witnessing of a family dispute over a key left on a mantle and a locked door.  While nothing was said between them, the writer for the rePOST noted that "Despite the tensions, the family was in complete control at all moments, save for Lizzie whose only outlet was the sharpening the metal of the yard tools for their employment in the next season."

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