Saturday, January 2, 2010

KVETCH, January 1965

Copyright 2009 Stuart J. Koblentz
KVETCH, the International Magazine of Complainers, everywhere served to remind the unhappy, that they too had a legitimacy to their being.  Each issue was jammed packed with stories about those who give and give and give and give some more only to have the door slammed in the readers face, a cold meal served when everyone else gets something nice and hot and seat in a drafty corner.  Its most popular feature was its Seek and Find, which the readers always complained was printed in letters that were to small and words that were too hard to find.


  1. funny, the cover girl/boy doesn't look jewish?

  2. She does look a bit like Bette Davis, doesn't she...

  3. You know, I think this one is probably my favorite.