Friday, January 22, 2010

Schadenfreude, The Newsweekly, June 15, 1617

What can we say.  Its human nature to take some satisfaction in the suffering of someone else, even if it makes Jesus weep.  Napoleon's final defeat.  The Fall of Hitler. Parker " Jolly" Wentworth's missed polo goal attempt during the 1940 Southampton Polo Club's Invitational Tournament.  Its all good.  Yet for as appalled as they were to discover that the "rape" in the context of the Leucippus daughters simply meant "kidnapping" and "marriage under diress", the Dutch were oddly attracted to this painting, voting it the painting they would most like to have in their windmill's for 1617. 


  1. She's so damned heavy, it TOOK that many men to carry her away!

  2. She's luscious. Or in Yiddish, she's zoftig.