Monday, April 5, 2010

Modern Step Mother, 1948

Copyright 2010 SJ Koblentz

There are magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Better Homes & Gardens - magazines for the young homemaker, but what to do for the many, many women who find themselves in the awkward position of being a child's stepmother?  For these women, who walked a razors edge of being the wife their husband's desire, and a surrogate to the children that he had for a lousy excuse of a first wife, Modern StepMother was created in 1939. 

Modern StepMother picked up where HomeWreckers left off.  Each issue contained hints for women who never wanted children, but suddenly discovered that they had a nest full of whiney, bacteria laden kiddies to contend with.  One of the records that the magazine could crow about was that it contained more pages of advertisements for boarding schools, military acdemies, convent schools and homes for disturbed children than any other magazine.


  1. shouldn't this copy have gone to a certain mother of adopted children in brentwood, ca? she would've appreciated all the private school/prison advertisements.

  2. ... YOU (Cool Cookie) would know!

  3. Some people played golf for fun and relaxation, but not my father - he married any woman he could get his hands on, and dick into.