Monday, December 13, 2010

Fag Hag Confidential, April, 1958

Well you know that this one was nothing but trouble.

There have always been women who fall in love with the wrong man.  A sizable percentage of women are drawn to men who are drawn to other women.  These are the women who love too much.  Then there are the women who fall for the guy who shares her adore, in men that is.  Fag Hag Confidential was their magazine.  A monthly expose of stories written by women just like you, who fall in love with a guy who would rather make goo-goo eyes at Guy Madison than look at your breasts.  These men have needs, and they all look like Fess Parker.  Well, thats an overstatement - a couple of guys had it bad for Wally Cox.  But in the Fag Hag's mind, they are all the women that her "gay" will ever need.  And truth be told, thats a true statement.  But also truth be told, the guys never need these women as much as these women are willing to put out.

So Fag Hag Confidential fill that one lonely void that only another Fag Hag could understand - that she'll spend the rest of her life waiting for him, and he'll spend the rest of his life wishing that he could find a man as wonderful as she is, but not as needy...


  1. Excellent, nice to see you back in the saddle, you were too long absent.
    Perfect type face

  2. I understand their Makeup Tips Column, ghostwritten by several "guest editors" was top notch.

  3. I've got to get that magazine!