Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dowager Quarterly, April 1962

Dowager Quarterly was the creation of the house of Lethal  Muscato Publications, and has enjoyed a steady, yet elite circulation since 1809.  Published Quarterly - a monthly publication would simply raise the eye brows of those who have nothing better to do than gossip - the journal promoted good breeding, proper behaviors and heralded a call aginst those types of social progress that furthered the agenda of the uncouth.  Each issue contained consistent features and topics (its "Seating Charts" section was among its most popular recurring features from 1861 to 1969) that reaffirmed to its readership that better living, indeed, could be had through dudgeon.


  1. Thank you. Yo have just prompted me to renew the Empresses Subscription...

  2. Children: Best NOT Seen NOR Heard! Send them off to a boarding school worthy of bringing up in conversation regularly.