Monday, December 28, 2015

New England Journal of Haughtiness, May 1909

Month in, month out, this staid journal never was one to cross any line in the sand that it had drawn for others.  In May, 1909, the Editorial Board launched an ill-fated war on contractions, feeling that they were at the root of society's ills.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Frigid Magazine

Yes, after four years, we are back, having just unearthed this 1950 copy of Frigid magazine.

Frigid was the magazine for women who had their man and their security, but felt that they had done their job by enduring sex with their husbands.  Better yet, had they borne their husband a child, then they were to worshiped, not degraded by having sex in the missionary position.  

In 1959, the magazine published the expose "If my husband would only take a mistress" which discussed how his dalliances could help his wife feel clean and morally superior.

In 1969, the magazine published "My husband is a Homosexual, and I couldn't be happier".   The author stated "I no longer have to fear intercourse with him because he isn't the least bit interested.  Of course he wants me to look beautiful, and lavishes attention upon my needs, but I no longer have to handle his genitals - other men do that for me.  And that is a fair trade - who needs sex when you can have companionship!"