Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rubens, 1877

As strange as it may seem - before there was a Calvin Klein, there was a time when a woman of ample proportions was a valuable asset, an object of desire, and the aspiration of many a man who found their lusciousness an automatic ticket to get ones "schwing" on.  Rubens, named for the dutch artist and lover of babes who got back on, catered to those curvy cuties and their love of being pampered. Milk baths, being feted by wealthy men, gowns, corsets and summers in Newport, Florence and Bergdoff's - ah, such was their way of life. Popular with all, even those born with a naturally lean body type, the magazine prospered into the early 1920s when  skinny, chain smoking, flat chested flappers became all the rage.  And because one's beads did not hang in a straight line down ones chest when one possessed a 42" EE cup, Rubens faded into the Pantheon of the passed periodical.  Tis a pity.

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